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Our classes are conducted throughout the year.
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General Information

All classes except puppy and level 1 your dog to...
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Agility Class Description

Agility levels one, two, three, four and competitive Agility is explained... Click here for more

Obedience Class Description

Obedience classes start at puppy classes up to 6 months and go all the way to competitive Obedience classes...
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Conformation (Show handling) Classes

Entry Requirements: Purebred dog or puppy attentive to handler who wishes to compete in... Click here for more

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 Specialty Class Descriptions

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Rally Obedience:
Rally obedience is a fun, interactive obedience dog sport that involves a dog/handler team following a course and demonstrating skills. During this class, you will learn all the rally signs, you will develop the basic skills which allow you to follow a novice rally course. Many games and tricks are used to develop a fun working relationship with your dog.

Beginner Scent Detection (Sniffer dog):
A scent detection dog or sniffer dog is trained to use its sense of smell to detect explosives, illegal drugs, bed bugs, blood, cancer cells, etc. In recent years, medical assistance dogs have been trained to warn patients of oncoming seizures and diabetics of low blood sugar episodes. The applications are still expanding. In this class, you will learn the basic techniques to train your dog to find legal scents (these are readily available at local health food stores). All training techniques are simple and fun for the dog. Basic container searches are the goal for this class.

Advanced Scent Detection:
You will learn how to refine your dog's skills for basic container searches. New scents will be introduced. Dog and handler will now progress to room and vehicle searches. Finding the hidden scent will become a game your dog can't wait to play.

Conformation (Show handling):
This class is for people with purebred dogs or puppies who wish to compete in conformation dog shows. You will become prepared for the show ring and increase your knowledge of the judge's expectations. The course provides a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere for the potential show dog owner to handle their dogs in the conformation show ring. Handlers will learn and practice stacking, baiting, movement and show ring routines while increasing their dog’s confidence.