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All classes except puppy and level 1 will require your dog to...
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Agility Class Descriptions

Agility levels one, two, three, four and competitive Agility is explained... Click here for more

Obedience Class Descriptions

Obedience classes start at puppy classes up to 6 months and go all the way to competitive Obedience classes...
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Conformation (Show handling) Classes

Entry Requirements: Purebred dog or puppy attentive to handler who wishes to compete in... Click here for more

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 Agility Class Descriptions

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Agility Level 1 - Foundation skills
This class will teach the basic concepts of dog agility. Exercises are simple and fun. The class focuses on creating a bond and teamwork between the dog and handler. Dogs will be introduced to some of the basic agility equipment pieces to help the dog build confidence. Dogs will work on leash at all times.

Agility Level 2 - Introduction to equipment:
This novice level class will begin to introduce the dog and handler to the agility equipment. Your dog will begin working on all the equipment, dog walk, A frame, teeter, tunnel, chute, pause table and weaves. You will start some basic jumping techniques and learn basic handling skills to begin working as an efficient dog/handler team.

Agility Level 3 - Equipment and sequencing:
This class continues to build on equipment skills. Emphasis is put on the teeter and weaves. You will continue to improve basic handling skills and contact end behavior while also building on the working team relationship between dog and handler.

Agility Level 4 - Advanced equipment:
This class will continue to work on improving equipment performance with emphasis on the teeter and weaves. Improving basic jumping skills and further developing handling skills will prepare students for agility level 5.

Agility Level 5 - Introduction to handling:
This class will introduce the student to warm-up drills, serpentines and threadles and how to do and use front, rear and blind crosses. At the same time, the student will be further introduced to a handling system which will provide the dog with a clear and consistent message, leaving no chance for a misunderstanding.

Competitive Agility:
This class is designed to introduce the dog and handler team to competitive agility where you will learn the rules of competitive agility so you can begin trialing. You will start to develop the skills of advanced dog and handler teams through novice, intermediate and excellent level course simulations. Advanced handling skills and working with distractions will be added as you and your dog's skills improve.