Outstanding Achievements



Canadian National Open All Age Field Trial Champion
CNFTCh FTCh CDX Rogue O'Rock Acre
Owner/Handler Bill Watt



1989 #1 All Breeds Winner in Conformation
Am/ Can/ Bda Champion
Jamelyn Second Edition
Owned by Richard and Wendy Paquette



Canadian National Open All Age Field Trial Champion
CNFTCh FTCh Lady Caramel
Owner:  Tanya McCaffrey
Handler:   Bill McCaffrey

Sudbury and District Kennel Club

Founded in 1951

The following is an excerpt from our first event catalogue: September 1952


The Sudbury and District Kennel Club was founded in February of 1951. Bringing this club to life was a slow process, with support of a few dog fanciers, it eventually led to the organization meeting at the Colson Hotel in 1951.

The organizing committee included Dr. F.H. Flowers, E. Norris, H. Gifford, Mrs. Mayes, H. Paterson, Mrs. Lawton, G. Burtch, and G. McEwan. Under the leadership of H. Paterson, past President, and G. Burtch, secretary, the club was brought through its first year. This first year proved to be filled with obstacles which were met and dealt with successfully.

With the purpose of the constitution in mind, "To promote and encourage the breeding of better dogs, to stimulate interest in the welfare and humane treatment of all dogs, and sponsor bench shows, field trials and obedience training classes", great strides were taken. Through the assistance of the Sudbury Daily Star and local radio stations, articles were put before the public to further their interest in the care and handling of dogs. The Humane Society (for all animals) was broached and is now in its organizing stage.

Shows were held for the general public to create interest in the training of dogs, and through their response, the first obedience training classes were held in Sudbury under the direction of Marion Urwin and Doug McNaughton. Because of their success, it has been planned to hold yearly classes. The Bench Show committee, in the hands of Ed Norris, held its sanctioned show under the judging of P. Smith, with local entries taking first place in all classes. The Field Trial committee had its first sanctioned trial which was a success, paving the way for the present Championship Non Slip Retriever Trial.

All in all, the Club has had a good year and is progressing steadily, but only through the diligent efforts of each member, and the help of the Sudbury citizens.

Going through our archives, the earliest recorded minutes we can find was February, 24th 1955. In those minutes, the recording secretary requested the authority to purchase a proper minute book. The motion was passed. The book was dated February, 24th 1955 to December, 7th 1966. In those early years, the Sudbury and District Kennel Club consisted of an Obedience Section, a Retriever Section, a Spaniel Section and a Show Section.

It's interesting to note that also in those first recorded minutes, the club discussed the pros and cons of a Championship Bench Show and President (F. H. Flowers, DVM) explained the difference between Bench Shows, Unbenched Shows and Sanctioned Shows. A committee was formed to investigate the possibility of holding a show of some type.

Today, the Sudbury and District Kennel Club is still a thriving club with many facets..

- The Show Section hosts its gala event (conformation all breed dog shows) every fall with exhibitors and judges coming from across North America.
- The Obedience Section holds classes and seminars throughout the year as well as Licensed Trials and Tests.
- Our Spaniel Section still hosts annual Field Trials and weekly training sessions and hasn't missed a beat since the early 1950's.
- The Retriever Section is active and trains regularly as well as the Hunting Dog Section.
- Volunteers head the Bite Prevention Program in our community.

Together with our Training Hall and our 160 acre parcel of land in Worthington, there is nothing we cannot achieve with our dogs.

Once a year, we have our Annual General Meeting where the election of club officers is held and items of importance are voted on. The driving force of the club is the Board of Directors. These are the elected officials that keep the club on an even keel. Once a month, they gather to discuss club business and activities where motions and budgets are proposed and voted on with sometimes 'heated debates'... if no one cared, it would be boring. Correspondence is read and reports from the various sections are given.

To the left via pictures/captions, are some members of the Sudbury and District Kennel Club who have reached the pinnacle of success with their dogs and proudly represented our club.