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Our classes are conducted throughout the year.
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All classes except puppy and level 1 will require your dog to...
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Agility Class Descriptions

Agility levels one, two, three, four and competitive Agility is explained... Click here for more

Obedience Class Descriptions

Obedience classes start at puppy classes up to 6 months and go all the way to competitive Obedience classes...
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Conformation (Show handling) Classes

Entry Requirements: Purebred dog or puppy attentive to handler who wishes to compete in... Click here for more

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 Show Handling Class Description

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Entry Requirements:
Purebred dog or puppy attentive to handler who wishes to compete in “All Breed Conformation Dog Shows.” Objectives: Increased handler and dog confidence in stacking, baiting and movement in the show ring. Increased knowledge of judge’s expectations and preparation for the show ring.

DESCRIPTION: This course will build on the skills of the purebred dog owner to handle dogs in the conformation show ring. Most importantly, it provides a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere for the potential show dog to practice show ring routines.

A class session consists of eight 'one hour' classes held weekly for 8 weeks. A minimum of four students, registered for the 8 week session are required to run the session.

If there is available space in a class, "Drop-Ins" will be welcome for a single class fee.
"Drop-In" handlers must be experienced and have their dog under control.
Inexperienced handlers are welcome to stop by and observe the class to see if they would be interested in signing up for a full eight week session.