SDKC Worthington Property Usage Schedule and Policies


Monday/Tuesday/Friday - afternoon/evenings – SDKC Pointing Hunting Dog Section training

Wednesday - afternoon/evenings – The Nickel District Skeet and Trap Club

Thursday – afternoon/evenings – SDKC Spaniel Section Training

Saturday- all day – SDKC Spaniel Section Training

Sunday – all day – The Nickel District Skeet and Trap Club

*events, shoots, trial and tests etc are scheduled as required

Property usage outside of these scheduled times must be relayed to the appropriate Section Chair who will notify the Property Chair to avoid any conflicts and to manage the Club’s liability and personal safety of all users.

The Section Chairs are responsible for the actions of all members of that Section. Payment of current SDKC membership dues does not in itself constitute a right to Club property. Use of the SDKC Training Hall, Worthington Property, and any Club property or assets is a privilege and not a right.

It is expected that all members act in accordance with the Constitution and by-laws of both the CKC and the SDKC. All members should aspire to actively work within their capacity to help achieve the mission and goals of the Club by contributing their time and efforts to encourage the growth of the Club and the love of dogs.


Spaniel Section Chair – William McCaffrey (705) 698 7076

Versatile Pointing Section Chair - Brenda Ann Brown – (705) 822-4728

Obedience Section Chair – Dianna Desrochers - (705) 207-6642

Show Section Chair – Richard Paquette - (705) 698-9148

Retriever Section Chair - Christina VanHardeveld - (705) 902-7374


Upcoming Events

The Sudbury and District Kennel Club Inc. has been hosting Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) approved licensed events since 1951. In addition to community participation these events have brought in competitors from all corners of North America who continue to return due to our Northern Hospitality and camaraderie that is present at our events. We encourage spectators from our community to come out and see what our proud members have accomplished. There is also an opportunity to get the right answers to any of your dog related questions from the pros.


Throughout the year the Obedience Section endeavours to host Obedience Trials, Rally Obedience Trials, Agility Trials, and Tracking Tests. It is also planning to offer Scent Detection Trials in the future. The events accommodate pure bred dogs as well as mixed breeds provided they have a Canine Companion Number.


Our Show Section hosts one major Conformation Show annually, typically in the fall.


The Spaniel Section usually conducts Spaniel Field Trials in the spring and fall. Hunt Tests are only in the planning stage. Please note that if you plan to attend a Spaniel Field Trial, a garment of Hunter Orange is required to be worn (hat and/or vest) while in the field as these events are conducted as close to hunting conditions as possible involving trained and supervised gunners for the shooting of live birds.


Through the Versatile Pointing Section you are welcome to participate in training and hopes to also offer fun hunt tests in the future.


The Club did host very successful Retriever Trials in the past but for the time being this section is reemerging.


See below the class schedule for the SDKC Worthington Property Usage Schedule and Policies.


We invite you to Check out the Calendar of Events for our up-coming events in the Sudbury area.

Schedule of Classes, Seminars, Training & Events