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Our classes are conducted throughout the year.
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General Information

All classes except puppy and level 1 will require your dog to... Click here for more

Agility Class Descriptions

Agility levels one, two, three, four and competitive Agility is explained... Click here for more

Obedience Class Descriptions

Obedience classes start at puppy classes up to 6 months and go all the way to competitive Obedience classes...
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Conformation (Show handling) Classes

Entry Requirements: Purebred dog or puppy attentive to handler who wishes to compete in... Click here for more

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 General Class Information

All classes, except puppy and level 1 obedience will require your dog to have basic obedience skills such as sit, down, stay and recall.

Many of the classes will require you to repeat the class for you and your dog to become proficient in all the skills that are covered in the classes. When repeating a class, you will see a significant increase in your dog's and your skill and confidence level.

Our Agility programs require that you begin at level 1 agility and follow the class progression unless you can demonstrate the necessary skills to enter at a higher level.