Upcoming Events

New sessions for Obedience and Agility classes are regularly posted on the class schedule page.

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 Obedience/Agility Section

The Obedience Section of the Sudbury & District Kennel Club is extremely active.

Every year, we host Canadian Kennel Club licensed events as follows:
- Obedience trials  
- Rally Obedience trials  
- Agility Trials  
- Tracking Trials

These trials regularly draw competitors from Ontario, Quebec and the Northern United States.

Our teaching members who are highly qualified instructors, teach classes at all levels in each of the above disciplines. Occasionally, we offer special weekend seminars on topics such as Dealing with the Aggressive Dog, Canine First Aid, and Clicker Training.

Workshops on specific disciplines like herding, tracking and agility are also hosted from time to time. Information on these classes may be obtained by going to the respective Classes and Seminars tabs.

Regularly scheduled meetings are held to deal with club business and to socialize with our dog-loving colleagues.