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Agility Class Descriptions

Agility levels one, two, three, four and competitive Agility is explained... Click here for more

Obedience Class Descriptions

Obedience classes start at puppy classes up to 6 months and go all the way to competitive Obedience classes...
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Conformation (Show handling) Classes

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 Obedience Class Descriptions

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Rally Obedience:
In this class, we will show you the skills that you will need to practice in order to become proficient in the sport of Rally. A course in Rally consists of about 16 or more stations set out by the judge and is unknown to the participants. Competitors have a chance to study the course for 10 minutes and then maneuver the numbered course on their own from start to finish performing tasks as indicated on the signs at each one of the stations.

The signs are all variations on basic skills of sit, down, stand, stay, heel, come front but include more variations such as pivoting, jumping, walking through distraction and distance work. In Rally, more interaction between dog and handler is expected than in regular obedience. The tasks to be performed come from approximately 100 signs of varying difficulty that the competitors learn in advance. Information on the rules and signs will also be provided to students.

Puppy Obedience:
For puppies up to 6 months. Puppies will be introduced to many socialization experiences with people and other puppies. Puppies will work to develop good leash respect while out walking. Puppies and handlers will also learn the basic obedience commands that will allow handlers to manage their puppy and move into any dog sport.

Level 1 Obedience:
For dogs older than 6 months. Handlers will learn the basic techniques to train the basic obedience commands. Dogs will learn to walk politely on lead, to sit on command, to down on command, to stay in position for a minimum of 30 seconds and to come when called. Training activities are fun for both dog and handler.

Level 2 Obedience:
This course will continue to develop your dog's obedience skills. You will learn the skills to train your dog to be reliable in distracting situations. The dog will become more reliable and accept increased time and distance from the handler. Introduction to jumping, retrieving and off-leash control are introduced at this level. You will be ready to move on to competitive obedience, rally obedience or agility.

Level 3 Obedience - Heeling:
You will be introduced to fun and interactive techniques to teach your dog to choose to walk at your side. Positive reinforcement methods assist your dog to walk with you and attend to body cues so your dog can anticipate your movements.

Competitive Obedience:
This multi-level class will provide the opportunity to develop obedience skills from Pre-Novice to Utility. The handlers will learn the standards of the various C.K.C. tests and learn the skills to train your dog to the various levels and ring ready confidence skills.